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Minimalist collages and paintings inspired by our home gardens — soothing art by Olga Szczechowska

On Sunday afternoon I accidentally caught Olga posting Instagram stories of my childhood neighbourhood. In the middle of Warsaw’s concrete jungle there is a lesser-known, sacred green area. I used to go there in the summer to stare at beautiful old pine trees and catch a breath of nature in my urban lungs. In her story, Olga visited this area for the first time but she also got mesmerised by one of the oldest backyards of Warsaw. And I bet that soon she will create a Boernerowo inspired painting.

We asked Olga about the key to creating her minimalist collages and paintings of human shaped landscapes

“My name is Olga Szczechowska, and I’m living in Warsaw. Since I was a little child, I’ve always been drawing and painting a lot. I went to an art high school and studied Painting and Cultural Studies at the University of Nicolaus Copernicus in Torun.

I’m a painter, illustrator, and sometimes a graphic designer. In my practice, I focus on the relationship between nature and humans, closely observing how we shape nature in our own backyards. By looking at trimmed hedges, decorative plants, and meticulously designed home gardens, I am capturing the eerie nature of our immediate surroundings.


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